Noemi Pavlicz

022 625 8951

Hebron Christian College

1 McLean St, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025

09 846 2159

Hebron Holiday Programme




Noemi Pavlicz
022 625 8951

Hebron Christian College offers an MSD (Ministry of Social Development) approved Holiday Programme in the school holidays. Fun for Kids is designed to offer a stimulating environment and an entertaining programme for 5-12 year-old children. We immerse ourselves in sports and arts, baking and fun filled games every day. The programme introduces children to activities they may have not tried before, such as fencing or skate boarding; making raw wool balls or using the sewing machine. They also meet inspirational professionals who share their passion: firefighters, chefs, farmers. Some days we venture out to explore our surroundings, a trip to the library, the observatory or an indoor rock-climbing centre. Children have the opportunity to explore, to learn, to relax, to use their imagination and creativity and to collect lifetime memories.

Holiday Programme Schedule 11-15th December & 18-22nd December

Week 1

Week 2

Bonus surprise Christmas craft workshops every day!
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